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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  July 6, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> touched by tragedy. a neighborhood pulls together after four young children are killed in a fast moving row house fire. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. this fire foo has left a southwest philadelphia community grieving tonight. four young lives were lost and
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countless memories destroyed. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson is live at a nearby church where donations for these victims are just pouring in right now. steve. >> reporter: well, natasha, still so much agony in this neighborhood, unimaginable, some families arriving here today looking up at those charred row homes and having memories about the fire that killed those four young children. despite that, an outpouring of support at the community church behind me. it may not alleviate the pain that is still here but any little bit of hope is going a long way. >> i said -- a my day the same pain. >> very, very bad. >> reporter: solomon johnson lived next door to twin girls so close they called him uncle >> uncle sol, this is your house. what are you doing today. >> reporter: he said those, the very last words to him from four year old twins maria and marialla bowah.
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flames that nearly destroyed the block killing the twins along with brothers patrick sanyeah and taj jacque. >> the fire was blazing. so i say everybody let's go, let's go. >> reporter: sunday a new day, same pain but hope just around the corner. >> everyone is responding in love. so that it is a blessing. >> reporter: christ international baptist church sits right outside the devastation. pastor napoleon devine opened his doors to donations clothes and canned foods. he says the response unlike anything he expected. >> never in my wildest imagination would have had this much, people coming in all night. >> reporter: devine says the donations have been pouring in from everywhere, from people of different faiths, ages, races, a new day for a community, a city in such pain. a little hope much needed. >> i am proud to be a
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philadelphian. when the chips are down, we pull together and we do things together to help our fellow man when he's down. >> reporter: and tomorrow that support continues. firefighters and the red cross will be back in this neighborhood canvassing handing out information and fire supplies in case there is another blaze like the one in this community. then after that, community leaders expected to come together and rally as well as figure out how to start taking financial donations for the families affected. all of this while investigators continue to look and pinpoint how this blaze started in the first place. reporting live from southwest philadelphia, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, steve, thank you so much. log onto to find out how you can help these families who are impacted by this awful, awful tragedy. a two-year-old boy meantime is hospitalized tonight after being hit by a minivan in kensington. it happened just before 4:00 p.m. on the 1800 block of east
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monmouth street. it was not a hit and run. police took photos of the minivan but the driver was not taken into custody. the boy is listed in stable condition at saint christopher's hospital for children. and now turning to our weather this evening. the long holiday weekend, it's coming to a close but there is still some time to get out and enjoy this beautiful sunday. "eyewitness news" along the ben franklin parkway where lots of folks were soaking up the sunshine before they're heading back to work tomorrow and those thoughts. meteorologist justin drabick is live on the cbs3 sky deck with the first look at your forecast. hey, justin. >> hey, natasha. yes, very nice outside still across the delaware valley no matter where you r very low humidity. temperatures today were on the warmer side but if you're still at the shore you got some nice weather right now. check it out. live neighborhood network showing margate, people still hanging out at the beach. south wind coming off the chilly ocean water which is in the 60's. air temperatures cooler along the coastline. inland spots warmed up today.
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mid 80's in philadelphia, that was the high, 86 degrees right near average for philadelphia, wilmington, 85 for allentown today and the wind has shifted out of the south to southwest, pretty breezy about 15 to near 20 miles per hour so that's going to start to bring in some warmer air. you'll notice the difference tomorrow. still very mild right now, 85 at the airport in philadelphia, 82 wilmington, 77 near the shore. some of the suburbs getting close to the upper 70's but again, another comfortable night. few clouds rolling on through storm scan3. we'll keep it dry through the overnight hours and then for tomorrow, we will be talking about warmer temperatures. so coming up in the full forecast, we'll mention the heat and humidity for the work week and the next chance for some showers and storms and you can track the warmer temperatures on the way this weekend and when the storm arrives no matter where you are with the new cbsphilly weather app. just check it out. you can download it in the app store and it's coming soon to android. natasha, back to you. >> all right, justin, thanks so much. fourth of july festivities continue down the shore this evening. here is a live look for you from our atlantic city sky cam. ac is one of several shore
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towns that will light up the night sky tonight with fireworks. now, many shows if you'll recall were postponed because of stormy weather on friday. for an updated list of all the fireworks and the times, just head to our web site, a violent confrontation in south philadelphia, it ends with shots fired and a man under arrest. an off duty philadelphia housing authority officer told police that he honked at a driver blocking the 500 block of south eighth street overnight. the officer said the man then aimed a gun at him had and started driving towards him. the officer fired his own weapon, striking the windshield. philadelphia police caught up with the suspect just a few blocks away and quickly took him into custody. also in felton delaware police say steven tribbett attacked his girlfriend and then ran into the woods sparking an hours long search. at one point officials say the 29-year-old fired a shot gun at officers. when he showed back up near his home on saturday night, tribbett was arrested. he does remain jailed unable
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to make bail. and police are also investigating the shooting of a 22-year-old man in juniata park. this was the scene just after midnight on the 1400 block of east luzerne street. the victim had been shot in the calf and was taken to temple university hospital. officers are still searching for the suspect at this hour. six people arrested in israel in connection with the murder of a palestinian teenager believed to be retribution for the killing of three israeli teenagers. cbs news correspondent omar villafranca has more. >> reporter: a badly beaten 15-year-old tariq abu hadr emerged from an israeli courtroom sunday under house arrest for the next nine days unable to fly home to florida. >> i was brutally attacked when i was just watching what
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was happening. >> reporter: his family says he is the handcuffed teenager in this cell phone video being punched and kicked by israeli forces. >> soldiers came trout nowhere and attacked him and beat him. >> reporter: the u.s. state department has condemned the beating and is demanding a full investigation. but israel's ambassador to the u.s. believes he was not an innocent by gland he was with six other people, they were masked they threw petro bombs and molotov cock okay tails at our police, three had knives. >> reporter: israeli officials say he was part of the protest following the death of his cousin who authorities believe was killed in a suspected revenge attack for the kidnapping and deaths of three israeli teenagers. the killings have ratcheted tensions even higher in the region. israel reports more rocket attacks from the gaza. it's responded with more air strikes. leaders from both sides are appealing for calm. in dallas, omar villafranca for cbs3 "eyewitness news."
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>> well, stay with us. still ahead on "eyewitness news," new video of the chaotic moments leading up to a shark attack in southern california. plus, we're hearing from the swimmer who survived getting bit by a great white. what he says saved his life. also being remembered as a hero, new york firefighters are mourning the death of one of their own killed in a brooklyn highrise fire. justin. >> all right, and after a pleasant weekend across the delaware valley we'll be turning up the heat for the work week. check out the seven-day forecast coming up. >> and straight ahead in sports, game three between the phillies and the pirates, a.j. burnett on the mound against his old team. can he help the phils avoid the sweep? find out.
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>> got a story you'd like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> prosecutors in poland have opened a criminal investigation into a plane crash that killed 11 people. the plane was carrying parachute instructors and students. it crashed just minutes after takeoff from an airport in southern poland. one person survived. authorities say they're investigating whether foul play was involved in this crash. and today marks the one year anniversary of the deadly asianian in a airlines crash in san francisco. three people died, 187 were hurt when the boeing 777 crashed upon landing. last month federal investigators officially blamed the pilots for the crash. they say they inadvertently deactivated the plane's system
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for controlling air speed. a new york city firefighter is killed in a highrise apartment fire in brooklyn. he suffered multiple injuries last night while searching for possible victims on the 19th floor of that building. the fire was accidental. it started in an air conditioner electrical cord that had become pinched between a bed frame an wall. >> the lieutenant went into the apartment to search for life and did not come out and by the time his brother firefighters found him, it was too late for him. >> two other firefighters suffered minor injuries and two residents were treated at the scene. this is the first line of duty firefighter death in more than two years. and a two year old girl was found dead in a new york city park pond after hours of searching for the missing child. police say the girl and her four-year-old brother were reported missing early saturday afternoon. the brother was found a short time later dripping wet. officers say heavy alge growth
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in the pond made it difficult for first responders to even find the girl. and tonight we are hearing from the swimmer who was attacked by a great white shark in southern california. we're also seeing video of the frantic moments before this attack happened. >> hey, get out of the water. shark. >> hey, get out of the water. >> eyewitnesses said the 7-foot great white shark had been hooked by a fisherman on a nearby pier on manhattan beach. after it got loose it bit steven robles in the torso. roble center city now out of the hospital and he is describing how he was able to get help. >> i swam my whole life and because of my strength of -- i'm a strong swimmer, i was able to sustain myself in the water while this injury was going on and fortunately i was swimming with a group of swimmers that day, there was 14 of us out in the water and there's i think three or four swimmers that were about five -- about five paces
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behind me so when this attack happened, i was screaming at the top of my lungs and my first instinct was to grab my friend nodder and he held me and just was taking it in what was going on and a couple more swimmers came up to me and were trying to get me into shore as i was screaming as loud as i have ever screamed. >> well, the beach was shut down while officials checked the water but eventually it reopened. justin is along with our forecast here, another beautiful day. a nice way to end a weekend. >> just perfect throughout the holiday weekend am i told you i would hook it up. >> i know you hooked it up. thanks so much. >> very pleasant outside before things start to change for the upcoming work week. check it out. live look at ocean city, looking at everybody having fun while we're at work. here we go. everyone hanging out on the boardwalk. temperatures a little bit cool there in the 70's but look at that, just perfect weather to
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finish offer the holiday weekend. inland temperatures today didn't warm up, though. check out the highs. officially in philadelphia 86 degrees, right on average. average high is 87. 102, if you remember that not too long ago, 2010, that's the record high temperature for this date. low and mid 80's still for the inland spots, cooler along the jersey shore and delaware beaches we have that south wind coming off the cooler atlantic ocean. dewpoint temperatures still very low, that's indicating a dry air mass. that means low humidity. yesterday we were in the 40's. now we're in the 50's. that's still comfortable but we'll see a slow increase in those dewpoint temperature. check it out. here's the forecast for the dewpoints tomorrow afternoon. we're going to be approaching the mid 60's so you'll start to feel that change in the humidity. not bad just yet. wait another 48 hours until tuesday. that end we see those dewpoints returning into the 70's. that brings back that oppressive feel. it's going to be hot, humid, really feeling like summer and we'll talk about some shower and storms chances. that holds off until tuesday, though. just some clouds passing by. a little weak upper level
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disturbance coming through western pennsylvania triggering off a few rain showers. that should not bother us tonight, just a few clouds. high pressure still dominating our weather on monday. it's going to be hotter. humidity increases a little bit. high temperatures back around 90 degrees for the inland spots. tuesday really humid. it's going to be hot, low to maybe even mid 90's for the highs. watch out for some afternoon scattered showers and storms as a cold front swings on through. that kind of lingers in our area on wednesday so still can't rule out a shower or storm for wednesday. it's still hot and humid. not much happening overnight into your monday. just the few passing fair weather clouds. tomorrow plenty of sunshine so looks good if you're extending your holiday weekend one more day. afternoon showers and a few thunderstorms possible tuesday, late in the day and then again on wednesday with that humid air mass in place. but the temperatures do climb up above average tomorrow. highs inland up around 90 degrees, cooler near the water. even the poconos are going to be cracking the lower 80's tomorrow and then well into the low 90's for tuesday afternoon with that humidity and the core of the hot air
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mass really centering over the delaware valley. it's the partly cloudy overnight, milder, low near 70 for the city, some 60's in the suburbs but still on the comfortable side. sunshine and clouds on monday with a high near 90 degrees. southwest breeze at 10 to 15 miles per hour. a windy day at the shore, winds may be up around 20 miles per hour at times. air temperature 82 degrees. ocean water back up to 65. plenty of sunshine so have the sunblock. here's the extended forecast. low 90's monday, tuesday, wednesday. best chance for some scattered showers and storms tuesday afternoon, wednesday afternoon. looks like we drop the humidity a little bit for the second half of the week. thursday and friday look nicer, a little more comfortable, highs in the mid 80's. looks like we start off next weekend dry, upper 80's, another chance for some showers and storms next sunday. a few days in the 90's coming up. >> it's okay. it's expected, right? >> ing school, yeah. >> i knew they'd be coming. thank you justin. appreciate that. lesley is here with sports. >> wish i had better news. phillies taking on the pirates in pittsburgh. trying to avoid the three game
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sweep. chase utley and ryan howard getting the afternoon off. phillies bats get off to a early start. marlon bird and j. roll with the hit and run. j. roll rounds third puts the phillies up one-nothing. fly ball going over bird's head, two runners come home to give pittsburgh the lead. to the top of the seventh phillies down two, marlon byrd coming up big again, a single run home run, his second in as many days. that brings the phils within one and that is as close as it would get. the phillies bullpen allowing three more runs in the eighth. the pirates take the win and the sweep. the final score six to two. burnett posted seven strikeouts in seven innings against his old team. the phillies continue their road trip to milwaukee tomorrow opening up a four game series against the brewers. wasn't in the lineup but chase utley could get a big nod from baseball fans tonight, representing second base for the national league in the upcoming all-star game the rosters will be formally
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announced after 7 o'clock tonight so we'll let you know. a few injury updates. cliff lee back on the mound for the clearwater threshers today still trying to mend that sprained elbow he injured back in may. depending how he feels he could be back in the phillies rotation soon. meanwhile darin ruf getting back to baseball. he broke his wrist june 2nd. earlier today he was activated off the disabled list. by the aaa iron pigs. 19 points, three assists and two rebounds, nerlens noel proved that he could beat the magic last night and he is ready for the nba: the team heading back to the court to take on the oklahoma city thunder today. other rookies seeing more playing time ronald roberts jr. out of saint joe's looking good. nd points so far. trevor baeder putting up 13. right now the sixers are ahead 70-57 in the fourth quarter. after tonight the team has tomorrow off and then will play houston on tuesday. team also playing without point guard pierre jackson.
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remember he went down in last night's game with what looks like a ruptured achilles and could be out for the rest of the season. open tryouts for the philadelphia soul today at the wells fargo center the team getting a good look at some potential prospects. last year they discovered ryan mcdaniel. he went on to be a finalist for rookie of the year. final to wimbledon, novak djokovic and roger federer in the final today. federer back lands it right into the net. djokovic will come away with his second wimbledon title to reclaim his number one ranking. a name we'll hear a lot i'm sure. >> thank you lesley. still ahead on "eyewitness news" , it was an ice cream lovers dream on penn's landing. the frozen treat takes center stage at a very special event. we're going to tell you all about it and you're going to want some ice cream
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. there's nothing better on a summer day than ice cream, right? even better if it's all you can eat ice cream. what can be better than that? "eyewitness news" at the super all you can eat ice cream festival today. the great plaza penn's landing was packed with folks enjoying their favorite flavors. tickets cost seven dollars. i'll take chocolate chip. that's my f
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>> justin last check on the forecast. >> we'll warm it up a little bit this week, back to typical july weather. near 90 tomorrow. still the humidity is not bad. we'll keep it dry. then it really becomes humid tuesday and wednesday. both days a good shot for afternoon scattered showers and storms, not an all day washout. keep your eye to the skies if you have outdoor plans. end of the week more comfortable mid 80's with lower humidity. >> thank you so much for joining us, i'm natasha brown. for lesley, justin all of us here, we appreciate you being with us. we're always on cbs flues is next. we'll see you at 10:00 on the cw philly back here at 11:00. have a great evening
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hold us to it. ♪ captioning funded by cbs and ford >> simon: hollywood's always had its bad guys-- think the joker or darth vader. but its biggest villain is a man who calls himself kim dotcom. you won't see him on the big screen but, until recently, he ran a service that made it possible for you to see almost any movie you wanted to for next to nothing. >> i'm good at this whole business game. >> simon: you're just a plain businessman... a plain businessman who, when he was a teenager, hacked into the pentagon and nasa? come on. >> people assume, when my hair is long, that i'm a lot cooler than i actually am. i'm not opposed to this misconception, by the way. >> cooper: malcolm gladwell is a best-selling author who has made a career by challenging conventional wisdom.


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